UK SME Offers Open Source To Public Sector

May 29, 2014

FlyingBinary, a UK SME offering data analytics and cloud computing solutions, has successfully gained a place on the G-Cloud 5 framework launched last week.

Following its appointment to the network, the firm has revealed its products are based on the open source Apache Cassandra database.

The company also offers real-time analytics and visualisation services that are based on DataStax Enterprise, providing customers with a high performance database able to handle large and variable data sets.

“Cassandra is one of the leading NoSQL databases and is used by the likes of eBay and Netflix for storing critical data at huge scale. This made it a suitable database platform for our work with government organisations in the UK,” claimed the SME’s CEO Jacqui Taylor.

“DataStax Enterprise builds on Cassandra with the necessary management and security elements required by the public sector. As Cassandra is an open source product, this fits in well with the aims and ambitions of the UK Cabinet Office to move to open source and Open Stands,” Taylor added.

FlyingBinary Services Open To Whitehall And Beyond

FlyingBinary’s new G-Cloud services are aimed at the entire UK public sector, claiming it can fulfil the new requirements of the sector, such as real-time fraud and error detection and integration of external resources.

Its services cover open source and Big Data, allowing clients to bring together unstructured data in real-time, visualise the information, search and analyse it.  

“As public sector organisations strive to make use of digital and cloud to build new services, FlyingBinary can help them achieve their aims,” claimed John Glendenning, vice president and general manager EMEA at DataStax.




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