UK SME Offers Free Service To Public Sector

May 29, 2014

Following its success being listed as a G-Cloud 5 supplier, UK tech SME Rosslyn Analytics is claiming it’s offering its self-service spend analytics solution to the public sector for ‘free.’

To be accurate, though, the plan is to offer the firm’s award winning smart spend analysis app gratis for one user access to public organisations- with each additional user getting charged £49 per year.

In any case, according to the company, the deal is still good as the app is unlike “traditional labour-intensive spend analysis systems,” providing in-depth insight into potential savings opportunities within “minutes.”

Rosslyn Analytics’ system also loads data onto a cloud-based platform, providing software as a service (SaaS) in the form of ready-to-use analytics apps.

The SME claims self-service spend analytics originated from its organisation and that it has solid track record in helping public sector leaders remain on top of an ever-changing technology landscape.

So in 2011 it worked with the Cabinet Office to produce a plan to help mandarins cut the deficit by providing a Whitehall-wide spend analysis project free of charge.

“It’s clear to everyone that both local and central government organisations must adopt new and innovative ways of delivering savings and making a difference to the bottom line,” claimed Charles Clark, Rosslyn Analytics CEO.

“[We] believe that delivering value and ensuring the continuity of frontline services for taxpayers lies in the data that public sector organisations have, but are not tapping into, because the information wasn’t readily available for analysis by decision-maker, until now, with self-service spend analytics,” he added.

G-Cloud 5 Live Last Week

Rosslyn’s banging its drum in connection with the surge in vendors signing up for the latest iteration of the public sector’s CloudStore portal for provisioning cloud-delivered ICT.

G-Cloud 5 officially went live on 23rd May - with CloudStore now holding a record 1518 suppliers, providing 17,000 services.

Of these providers, 88% identify as SMEs.

A a full list, including Rosslyn Analytics, is available from the Government Digital Service (GDS) site.




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