UK Schools To Save £840m With New IT Programme

Apr 01, 2014

Thousands of schools across the UK will be able to access the latest technology without complex, costly procurement with the launch of a new package of digital content and services.

A group of local authorities and schools known as the London Grid for Learning (LGfL) has launched TRUSTnet, powered by Virgin Media Business, to help educational facilities cut costs without disadvantaging children.

Virgin says the new package, which will be available to 23,500 schools, bundles ICT infrastructure, services and content into one simple and cost-effective package that will allow schools to save up £840m over the next three years.

“TRUSTnet creates the potential for the impact of LGfL to be felt in classrooms across the nation – not only in the services it delivers now, but by supporting innovation in schools’ ICT and attainment for learners for years to come,” claimed Brian Durrant, chief executive of the group.

New Benefits For UK Schools

The organisation aims to provide the following benefits for schools with TRUSTnet:

  • simpler procurement in comparison with the current process schools must go through
  • fast, reliable broadband service as schools will be able to access the Virgin Media Business IPVPN that claims to be ten times faster than other networks
  • secure access in order to keep children safe online
  • age appropriate, relevant educational content.

The partnership between LGfL and Virgin was secured via a tender process and is set to run until 2028.

The company says it will allow schools to “supercharge” the learning environment and update outdate infrastructure for more advance alternatives.




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