UK’s First Digital Youth Council Revealed

Dec 05, 2014

A Digital Youth Council is set to give young people a voice in the debate on how technology can influence technology in the classroom, the first of its kind in the UK.

The so-called “tech savvy” students aged 9-17 were selected to join the Council by Virgin Media Business.

According to the firm, the initiative will bring the students together with influencers and representative of the Department for Education (DfE) to help shape the debate surrounding tech in schools.

“As children, we barely uttered the ‘word’ technology and certainly never had to face the challenges created by a digitised world,” claimed Sir Richard Branson, who is leading the campaign.

“We also never experienced the opportunities it brings to today’s younger generation. We need to embrace technology at every stage and make it a force of empowerment as we education the next generation,” he added.

The Digital Youth Council is part of ‘Generation Tech,’ a wider state-of-the-nation review into the way technology is used in education.

Virgin Media Business claims the group of students will give teachers and other students the opportunity to have their say on the on-going impact technology is having on the education of pupils and what the future holds.

It also says the campaign has piqued the interest of “key influencers” in the world of education, including Shadow Secretary of State for Education Tristram Hunt.

“Key Digital Advantage”

“The UK has a competitive digital advantage that is driven by knowledgeable and passionate people and businesses,” claimed Mario di Mascio, executive sales director at Virgin Media Business.

“Our children as essential in maintaining and growing this advantage, so it’s time we stopped to listen and learn from them.

“It’s fantastic to see the huge enthusiasm and talent that exists in UK classrooms for all things tech-related and the Digital Youth Council is an opportunity to build on this,” he added.


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