UK Public Sector Leader In Cloud Technology

Apr 17, 2014

When it comes to cloud usage and applications Britain’s public sector is leading the world, according to the CIO of a UK cloud-based e-commerce company.

But Ronald Duncan, also Chairman of cloudBuy, has said despite these successes, the government has failed to communicate its successes and has not yet fully realised the benefits of this technology.

Duncan recently spoke at the Think Cloud for Government event in March on this topic and has now added to his comments in an article in an online IT publication.

For him, the adoption of the cloud in the public sector is not without problems.

Duncan claims that security is one such issue as local authorities are spending money on the wrong things.

The CIO cited the example of councils moving backwards from a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy by investing in large numbers of secure laptops, while central government does the opposite.

However, Duncan placed the emphasis on public sector successes – he says although the wider sector has yet to see the benefits, Whitehall has adopted a cloud-first policy and makes good use of the G-Cloud procurement framework.

He also claims that the country’s public sector was ahead of the game when it began using cloud-based e-procurement systems in 2002.

UK Must Lead The Way For Others

Now, Duncan claims, Britain is leading the way with technology such as social care marketplaces in the cloud.

“The EU public sector is in the process of adopting e-procurement, but Britain is over 10 years ahead in its use of the cloud for e-procurement, and even further ahead in terms of the complex applications like care that we have put onto the cloud,” he said.

“We need to engage with the rest of Europe so that they can learn from our successes,” he added.

Duncan concluded by urging the UK public sector to be more vocal about its successes.




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