UK National Security Vetting Solution Supplier Chosen

Jan 20, 2015

Business and IT services provider CGI will be providing government Departments and agencies with a National Security Vetting Solution (NSVS) which will manage over 200,000 security clearance applications each year.

The firm has already delivered a vetting solution to the Ministry of Defence (MOD) via the Cerberus application since 2008.

CHI will now expand this service to create a national solution that aims to support the majority of UK government Departments and major contractors that need to vet employees for security clearance.

NSVS will handle hundreds of thousands of vetting requests a year, performing a range of detailed checks on applicants, such as financial status, address verification and criminal record checks.

The new Solution replaces a range of disparate systems and manual processes which a user interface that can be accessed by applicants and vetting caseworkers to access the system securely from different locations using different devices.

Cyber Security Protection

The UK’s new Security Operations Centre (SOC) will be used to monitor and protect NSVS against potential cyber security threats in real time.

“We are delighted to be working closely together with CGI to make the NSVS application a reliable and robust solution, able to manage the ever changing needs for security vetting,” claimed Vince Groome, Defence Business Services CIO at the MOD.

“As we continue our drive for efficient and customer-focused processes, we are confident NSVS will provide a single solution with a modern, intuitive, scalable and effective approach to managing this critical security process,” he added.

NSVS is based on the Cerberus application which is built on an Oracle platform.

Both CGI and Oracle claim to have worked closely together during the bidding process to develop a robust and efficient solution using modern technology that would not only streamline the vetting process, but improve the user experience.


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