UK IT Organisations Lack Cyber Security Confidence

Jul 16, 2014

A huge 96% of organisations have experienced a significant IT security incident in the past year, claims a new study.

The 2014 Cyber Defence Maturity Report was compiled by technology media group IDG Connect on behalf of network security solutions provider ForeScout.  

Around 1600 IT information security decision makers from organisations with more than 500 employees were polled, spanning five industries: education, healthcare, financial, manufacturing and retail.

According to the research, 39% of organisations surveyed experienced two or more security incidents and one in six reported five or more occurrences.

Despite this, participants revealed their confidence in their security measures was low, with only 33% reporting having high confidence that their firms would improve controls.

This lack of surety may be related to 43% of respondents claiming that problem prevention, identification, diagnosis and remediation are more challenging compared with two years ago.

Education And Healthcare Fall Behind Other Sectors

The report also claims that there are large differences in the quality of cyber security across different industries.

“Comparing the different industries in general, we see that education and healthcare appear to be less mature in terms of cyber defence than their counterparts in finance and manufacturing,” claimed ForeScout’s international marketing director Jan Hof.

“Examining these two trends and looking specifically at the UK healthcare and education sectors respectively we find data leakage within the UK healthcare sector is seen as the top IT security problem,” Hof added.

The international marketing director also noted that 95% of healthcare organisations studied reported a minimum of one significant security incident.

The health sector also reported being more concerned about data leakage monitoring issues than any other industry investigated and it suffered more compliance policy violations.

Besides this, educational establishments reported that the main issues they face in IT security is unauthorised network resource access, application security, wireless security, malware and advanced persistent threats (APT).


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