UK Faces IT Skills Shortage

Jun 24, 2014

Recruiters are struggling to recruit people with suitable technological skills needed for their businesses, claims new research.

Commissioned by businesses services firm Reconnix, The Gap Years Report investigated the problems faced by businesses wishing to drive themselves forward.

Almost three quarters (74%) of participants in the study said that they have “experienced difficulty” in recruiting technically qualified staff - meanwhile, just 12% claimed there were ample of surplus candidates for technology roles.

Respondents also feared that the IT department faces more recruitment troubles than any other area of the business, with 63% saying finding technical staff was the hardest gap to fill.

Businesses polled said that roles they are struggling to fill include web developers, Internet and network specialists and data analysts.

According to Reconnix, this highlights the importance of online communications and commerce, as well as the growing demand for cloud computing experts.

The document draws upon the Technology and Skills in the Digital Industries report released by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) last year, which claimed 300,000 people were required to fill digital employment gaps.

Reconnix took these findings on board and aimed to discover the proportion of employers affected by the reported technology skills gap.

The firms claims it has found evidence that the “deficit” is stifling innovation in UK plc and prompting high numbers of companies outsourcing their IT operations due a lack of in-house knowledge.

Tech Students Remain Optimistic

However, recently graduated IT students have demonstrated optimism about their prospects, claims the report - graduates questioned said they believed they were employable and will find work.

Over half (58%) of student participants said they were confident of finding technology work and a further 24% were hopeful.

Last week, the Chartered Institute for IT BCS and e-Skills UK published their own report highlighting the technology skills shortage, adding that the addition of more women to the industry could help fill the gap.  




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