UK Charities Are Not Adopting Digital, Suggests Poll

Mar 18, 2014

Research conducted by public sector IT provider Eduserv has found that UK charities are falling behind trends and failing to adopt digital agendas.

By surveying and interviewing technology leaders in large non-profit organisations across the country, the company found that 75% of respondents say there is no IT strategy in place to support their digital ambitions.

Furthermore, 66% reported a general lack of knowledge when it comes to the benefits of going digital, creating a barrier against success in future projects in the area.

Meanwhile over half (58%) of participants said they were within a culture that is averse to changes in the way of working.

Among those who contributed to the study, many were worried that their lack of digital transformation was affecting fundraising, reputation and the ability to deliver new services.

The study also found that there is a lack of harmony between digital and IT teams, despite 71% saying a good relationship between the two leads to better results.

“What we can draw from this report is that this kind of step forward will also require support and backing from IT teams,” claimed John Simcock, Eduserv charities director.

“Working on services and operations is a more complex task and IT will need to play a critical part in shaping and executing such propositions,” he added.

However, 56% of organisations did say they were planning to address the divide between IT and digital teams over the next year.

“IT and digital teams must recognise that their ability to collaborate effectively will be critical to the health of their organisations in the future,” said Simcock.




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