UK Businesses Ditch US Cloud Firms, Claims Supplier

Jan 30, 2014

Internet hosting company UKFast has claimed UK organisations are removing their data from US hosting providers amid National Security Agency (NSA) privacy fears.

NSA surveillance practices revealed by whistle-blower Edward Snowden have caused concerned UK businesses to transfer back to British hosting providers, claims UKFast CEO Lawrence Jones.

“Since the revelations about the NSA and the Patriot Act have come to light, we have had an influx of British customers who have come to us because they want their data stored on British soil where those laws don’t apply,” he said in a blog post.

Jones’ blog post appeared on Data Privacy Day, a campaign led by the National Cyber Security Alliance and held annually on 28th January.

The day aims to grow awareness of data and privacy issues by encouraging the public to make protecting their privacy and data a greater priority.

In related news, Brad Smith, the general counsel and Executive Vice President of Microsoft, told the FT this week that Microsoft plans to offer international users of its cloud services the option to host their data in data centres outside of the US.

Commentators have taken Smith’s unexpected promise to claims that UK companies may well indeed have some concern about where their data is being stored, in the light of on-going Snowden revelations. 




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