UK Becoming “Digital First” Nation Claims Report

Mar 13, 2015

More than a quarter of Brits use digital services when available, indicating the UK is becoming a “digital first” nation claims new research.

The Digital Inside Out study, conducted by technology giant Fujitsu, found that 84% of people surveyed ‘always’ or ‘sometimes’ use digital services when available.

Of this group of participants, 63% said they were ‘highly comfortable using these services’ while 66% think digital is a quicker and 62% said it is a simpler way to deal with an organisation.

The company claims its results show Britain’s affinity with technology has helped turn the country into a “hotbed of digital development” and its research paints a positive picture of the rise of Digital Britain.

“As digital services become increasingly pervasive, they strengthen the digital economy and open up new channels that organisations must embrace in order to stay ahead of their competitors,” claimed Digital Catapult CEO Neil Crockett.

“Fujitsu’s research into adoption of digital services in the UK highlights a nation on the cusp of a digital era,” Crockett added.

The Digital Catapult is an organisation that aims to accelerate the success of UK digital innovators and SME entrepreneurs and collaborated with the IT giant for this study.

Other encouraging results detailed in the report include more than two thirds of participants think new digital technologies in the workplace make their jobs easier and more than a quarter revealing that digital excellence makes them more loyal to a company.

Digital Not Without Challenges

However, the document also highlights the problems that the UK is facing when it comes to the adoption of digital.

Over a third of respondents feel that they would prefer to talk to a real person in certain case and claim that balance is key – a digital-only approach is too simplistic and alienates a portion of the population.

More than 50% of those surveyed also said that the government needs to be doing more to drive us towards a digital future.

“We believe that the most successful organisation in the next ten years will be those who put digital at the very heart of everything they do,” claimed Crockett.

“We have already made huge ground in the digital landscape. Yet, there is much more to be done. Hardware and products caused the first ripples in the digital revolution.

“Now, digital services, applications and data will be the waves that follow,” he added.


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