UCLAN Set To Improve Research Administration

Apr 23, 2015

The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) has chosen a supplier and solution to divert resources from administration to strategic and research activities.

Enterprise applications provider Unit4 is providing the organisation with its Award Management and Research Costing and Pricing, which will also improve operational visibility and collaboration.

The solutions will be integrated with the University’s existing Unit4 Business World Finance module with the aim of simplifying complex administration, improving reporting and diverting skilled resources to strategic research services.

“Research is vitally important to the University and we seek continuous development,” said Alexis Holden, head of UCLan Funding Development and Support.

“With larger projects, more collaborations and mounting funder and government regulations, there’s more administration.

“We don’t want our highly skilled research teams to be shuffling paper, we want them to be focused on high-quality research input and output. We anticipate these Unit4 solutions will support this focus by removing a considerable administrative burden from their shoulders,” he added.

Benefits Of Unit4

Unit4 Research Costing and Pricing claims to produce accurate full economic cost estimations and agreement on appropriate prices for grant applications.

Meanwhile, the firm’s Award Management will help the University to reduce the effort related to the creation, review and submission of applications for research projects and grants, while also enabling staff to more easily control activities from inception through to completion.

Duplication of effort can be avoided by integrating the new solutions with existing products and also add value like enabling easier peer-to-peer via workflow, leading to greater continuity across services provided to customers.

Unit4 also claims its solutions are very flexible, allowing UCLan staff to straightforwardly make changes to the solution without the need to contract expensive IT experts when new internal or external changes occur.

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