Top UK Employers To Hire IT Graduates In 2015

Jan 16, 2015

Over half of 100 top employers in the UK will be seeking IT graduates this year, according to new research.

In December, research firm High Fliers compiled research based upon The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers 2014 to form its The Graduate Market in 2015 report.

Despite a prediction that IT and telecoms companies with vacancies would remain much the same in 2015, a substantial amount of firms across all sectors have been found to advertise IT roles.

Of the 100 employers questioned, 53% said they would be offering roles in IT, will vacancies in this area and telecoms have increased by 13.7% in 2014.

According to the High Fliers report, communications and IT is the fastest growing industry at 160%.

The public sector is said to have increased positions in this area by 130% since 2005, followed by account and professional services by 68% and retail by 41%.

The biggest increase in IT vacancies in 2014 was seen in the media industry where places grew by 44%, followed by consulting at 29%, engineering and industrial at 21% and accounting and professional services at 16.3%.

Bigger Wages

Salaries for IT graduates are also set to rise, claims the research – 2015 wages are expected to be around £700 higher in the comparison with 2014.

Higher salaries are not just confined to this industry, the report claims the average starting salary across all sectors will be £30,000 for this year’s graduates.

However, a £2000 fall in public sector salaries has been predicted as well.


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