Tim Kelsey Quits NHS, Moves To Australia

Sep 18, 2015

Tim Kelsey, NHS England’s National Director for Patients and Information, has announced he will be leaving the organisation to take up a new position in Australia.

He will be taking the lead at Telstra Health, a division of Australia’s leading telecommunications provider, where he will be overseeing the development of a new digital and mobile solution for patients, professionals and citizens around the world.

Kelsey has been with NHS England since it was established in 2012 and last year, was appointed as National Information Director and chair of the new National Information Board in health and care.

He led work on data and technology and patient and public participation and communications, including the controversial care.data scheme.

Curiously, any mention of care.data itself has been omitted from the official NHS England statement announcing Kelsey’s departure, but it does reference a number of other successful projects he played a part in.

It notes that April saw England become the first country in the world to enable citizens to book online appointments with their GP, order prescriptions and access their medical record.

Kelsey also played a part in a project that allows more than 70% of ambulance services able to access GP records in real time in emergency situations.

Last month, the National Information Board, chaired by Kelsey, launched an initiative which will support all parts of the health and care services to be paper free at the point of care by 2020.

Technology Has “Key Part” To Play In Healthcare

“It has been an enormous privilege to work with such talented and committed colleagues at NHS England and across the wider health and care service,” Kelsey claimed.

“Together we have made the case for a digitally-enabled NHS in which patients are encouraged to participate. Over the last three years we have made significant progress on turning that aspiration into reality.

“Our NHS must support patients, citizens and those who serve them which much better access to the information revolution that has transformed so much of the rest of our lives. This is a human imperative: to put data and technology to work to empower people to take control, when they want to and shape the care they need,” he added.  

Kelsey is set to leave NHS England at the end of December, when he will move from the UK and begin his work in Australia.

He is expected to observe a six-month ‘cooling off’ period until 1st July 2016 before engaging in any business activity with the NHS.

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