Think Tank Calls For Improved Education Tech Strategy

Jun 23, 2014

A revised UK education sector technology plan including broadband access, knowledge sharing and cloud adoption strategy has been called for by think tank The Education Foundation.

The organisation recently released its Technology in Education: A System View report that explored the future of technology in schools.

Minister for Skills and Enterprise Matthew Hancock has commented on the document and spoke at its launch event.

“Technology is changing the world around us and changing education. Teachers are using it to make their teaching more creative, more innovative and more engaging and enjoyable,” Hancock claimed.

“Above all, it has the power to increase children’s attainment and increase their future opportunities, whatever path they choose to go down,” he added.

Expert Contributions

A number of organisations contributed to the Education Foundation study, including IT giant Microsoft, search giant Google and tech companies such as Toshiba and Samsung.

The report draws together the views of experts from these companies, as well as data from bodies such as the e-Learning Foundation charity, the British Computer Society and the College of Teachers.

According to the document, evolving technology is opportunity not to be missed by Britain’s education system.

ETAG Must Drive New Agenda Forward

It recommends that the recently established Education Technology Action Group (ETAG) work with its stakeholders to tackle obstacles identified in the report and take more radical and entrepreneurial approaches to policy making in the education and technology areas.

The think tank also recommends ETAG sets ambitious targets towards creating a digital roadmap for the country and measures its impact on educational organisations.

“Technology needs to support students or young people to develop deep subject knowledge and understanding. Obvious areas for support are around personalisation and assessment, but there are others,” claimed Sir Dan Moyniham, chief executive at the Harris Federation, who appeared at the launch.

“In my view we need to help teachers and leaders focus on outcomes and not confuse this with process, where technology is too often focused at the moment,” he added.




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