Confidential Leak Sees Bank Of England Ban Autocomplete

Jun 17, 2015

The Bank of England is forcing workers to manually typing every single email address, after a huge autocomplete cock-up involving a confidential email forwarded to The Guardian.

The confidential email referenced The Bank of England’s contingency plan, making sure everything is accounted for when the EU referendum happens. The referendum is a hot topic at the moment and the bank tried to make sure nobody knew about the plan, codenamed Project Bookend.

Consequences of having the project leaked could be disastrous for the bank, with the public and government both wanting to know of any other private projects currently in the works.

The Bank of England might be subject to an inquiry to check any other plans hidden from the government and public. This inquiry might unearth a few other question marks surrounding the referendum and what the bank intended to do, if Britain left the EU.

Removing autocomplete might slow down productivity at the bank, but it seems like a smart way to ensure security and privacy. Human errors are bound to happen, but at least the bank can make sure it is not an algorithm’s fault.

Businesses all across Britain have been making their voices heard on the referendum, some claiming more British independence would make them stronger; others claiming they need EU trade to stay in the green.

It seems for quite a few businesses, the prospect of complete isolation from the EU is daunting, while a Norway style EU partnership is more economically viable. The Tory’s have not shown the full referendum, meaning we don’t know what the vote will include.

Author: David Curry
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