Thames Valley And Hampshire Police Embark On IT Change

Jan 13, 2015

Thames Valley Police and Hampshire Constabulary have chosen a partner to deliver ICT and business change.

Under the ConsultancyONE framework, which is designed to provide the public the guidance it needs to produce innovative solutions, Bramble Hub has been awarded the contract with the two Police forces.

Bramble Hub describes itself as an organisation that connects the best ICT companies with public sector organisations and vice versa.

“The scope of the engagement will be for the Business Partner to provide additional resources and expertise into the ICT and Business Change teams to provide assistance in the delivery of the ICT and Business Change programmes,” says the Thames Valley PCC decision document.

“The Business Partner is initially providing four identified resources, these being an Enterprise Architect, Portfolio Manager and two senior programme managers, who will all feed into the initial programme baselining work requirement.

“It is then envisaged that additional resources will be drawn from this Business Partner to be assigned to programmes as identified to expedite their delivery,” it adds.

Unclear Contract Value

A defined value for the contract is unclear because it is based on a time and materials pricing methodology.

According to the decision document, based on the assumption that only the four identified resources are brought in for the initial term of the contract on an average employment of 240 days a year then the contract would be worth around just over £1m annually.

However, the two Police forces believe that it is likely that additional resources will be requested from the contract within the first year and estimates the first annual term will cost around £4m.

It is believed extra support will be needed to cover some “already identified” project work outside of the four main roles.

Thames Valley Police and Hampshire Constabulary will work with Bramble Hub for an initial 12-month period with the option to extend the arrangement for two further 12-month periods following successful annual reviews.


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