Tech City Benefits From 82,000 More Broadband Connections

Sep 11, 2015

Another 32,000 homes and businesses will be connected to the Openreach fibre broadband network in the Tech City area of London, the company announced on Friday.

The announcement said the expanding of the service means a total of 82,000 businesses will now be able to access the Openreach network.

Speeds of 1Gbps are already available in the heart of London, but the service is very expensive, BT said, and usually too expensive for small and medium businesses or start-ups.

Openreach itself is funding this project, out of its £3bn commercial budget. Once the project is complete, the likes of TalkTalk or sky will be able to use it and offer various services.

Tech City UK chief executive Gerard Grech explained that the rollout will be a huge boost to the area, especially for up-and-coming businesses that need high-speed services to boost their work, V3 wrote in a report.

“High-speed broadband is the lifeblood of the UK’s digital economy. For London to maintain its standing as a global centre of business, it’s crucial that our digital companies have access to the best possible connectivity,” he said. “This investment represents a step in the right direction for digital businesses across the capital, and there is a collective responsibility to ensure that high-speed broadband is available to all.”

“Installing fibre in urban areas can be challenging, but thanks to new techniques and extra investment we will now be able to reach hundreds of thousands of additional homes and businesses across London,” said Joe Garner, chief executive of Openreach.

Author: Sead Fadilpašic
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