Tavistock Selects Patient Information Management System

Sep 18, 2014

Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust has selected Carenotes as its patient information management system.

Delivered by software supplier Advanced Health and Care, the solution is set to allow clinical staff at the Trust access to patient records at the point of care via laptops and tablets devices.

Such devices will integrate with the recently upgraded NHS Spine Directory, enabling senior staff to share information with a patient’s GP or other health professionals.

During the five-year contract with the potential to extend to ten, Carenotes will be rolled out to the Trust’s 450 employees in May 2015 after an initial trial by thirty clinical and administrative staff that will be using the system to book and manage appointments.

“The mobile aspect is highly important to us,” claimed Simon Young, deputy chief executive and director of finance at Tavistock.

“Staff will no longer need to print and carry hard copies of patient records to and from appointments because they will be able to securely access Carenotes remotely.

“This is a more secure way of working, which ensures patient records are only visible to health professionals with appropriate clearance,” he added.

Solution Meets “Exact Requirements”

The Trust chose Advanced to deliver its patient information management solution after a formal tendering process via the London and South Consortium framework.

Carenotes was settled upon because it met Tavistock’s exact requirements, including appropriate security and assurance that all patient records are entirely up to date.

The new system will also allow it to move away from paper-based patient record keeping, in line with Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s paperless NHS by 2018 proposal.

Advanced also claims Carenotes will allow the Trust to save time and facilitate more effective reporting and analysis.

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