Steria Wins Gloucestershire County Council IT Services Contract

Feb 25, 2014

Gloucestershire County Council has awarded selected solutions provider Steria a contract to provide ICT services with the aim of cutting costs.

The company were chosen over the council’s current IT provider, process management and outsourcing solutions firm Capita.

The five-year deal will begin on 1st April 2014 and requires Steria to transform the local authority’s technology infrastructure into something that will be both efficient and cost-effective according to the council.

The company claims that savings will be achieved from day one as the contract is based on a charging model that can flex up or down based on the authority’s demand for technology services.

It also says the council will be shifted onto a virtualised ICT platform that is necessary to deal with what it claims to be ever-changing demands based around flexible working.

Steria will also be expected to fund initiatives for growth within Gloucestershire, such as apprenticeships for local young people, business advisory seminars for local small to medium enterprises and school technology projects.

“[The council] has been working hard to transform the way we work and make savings across the council,” claimed Gloucestershire cabinet member for finance and change, Cllr Ray Theodoulou.

“I’m confident we have in Steria a cost-effective, flexible, modern and reliable ICT provider with a track record of helping public sector organisations modernise their ways of working,” he added.

“We are pleased to be supporting projects [in Gloucestershire] which will add value to local businesses and schools, as well as helping the council meet their financial challenge,” said Steria CEO, John Torrie




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