Software Supplier Explains Business Benefits Of Flexible Working

Sep 16, 2014

Flexible working solutions provider hfx has revealed why it believes new flexible working legislation will be deliver business benefits and shouldn’t be seen as a burden.

From June 2014, all employees in the UK that have completed 26 weeks were given the right to request different start and finishing times and the ability to work from home.

According to the firm, a key benefit of the flexible working legislation is the ability retain a valued and skill staff – an ageing workforce can be kept with flexible retirement arrangements.

“The benefits of providing flexible working are well documented, however, the change in culture required and managing staff working flexible hours can be seen as a significant barrier for some organisations,” claimed hfx business development director Paski Matarazzo.

“The same advances in technology that are enabling home and remote working and hot desking are also powering the latest staff time management systems,” added Matarazzo, who has also authored a paper called Supporting Flexible Working.

The paper claims employers are most concerned about issues surrounding staff management when flexible working hours are introduced – but Matarazzo adds that such problems can be overcome by systems able to plan, manage and document hours worked.

She claims that an accurate record of hours worked provides benefits for both business and workforce and this can be achieved with a programme that tracks hours worked using a variety of methods such as PCs or a mobile phone app.

If managers can see who is in and who is out, they can monitor this data against schedules and project deliverables.

Such systems also allow staff costs to be managed more closely, the ability to check whether contracted hours are being worked and leaders can plan ahead, for example arranging cover for absence.

“Flexible Working Makes Happier, More Productive Staff”

“Staff with flexible working arrangements have been proven to be happier, more motivated and engaged,” claimed Matarazzo.

“Using flexible working software organisations can handle multiple work patterns providing visibility, support for management and staff alike, fostering a climate of trust and co-operation.

“Supporting more modern ways of working ensures that organisations benefit from a multi-faceted workforce ranging from ‘millennials’ just entering the workplace to ‘baby boomers’ looking for a more flexible approach to retirement and everyone in between providing the maximum levels of skills and experience,” she added.

hfx enabled Renfrewshire Valuation Joint Board (VJB) to effectively offer flexible working to its staff.


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