Socitm Suggests Measures To Help Councils With PSN

Apr 28, 2014

Socitm, the professional body representing people involved in public IT services, has appointed a new president who wants to provide Public Services Network (PSN) support for local government.

Nick Roberts, IT group manager for Surrey County Council, was confirmed as president earlier this month and used his appointment to claim he would build upon the work Socitm is already doing.

The organisation has already established a PSN Solutions Advisory Group (SAG) and Roberts claims he will build on this by providing support for Information Assurance compliance and PSN connectivity.

Speaking at an event to recognise his new position, the new president told delegates that further funding was needed to support that already raised via a crowdsourcing initiative from local authorities.

Roberts added that SAG will also receive financial aid from the Public Services Network Industry Association, PSNGB, to pay for an independent consultant to work within the Group.

“There is a tremendous opportunity for Socitm to facilitate an important dialogue with IT and digital suppliers on behalf of the local public sector, to explore potential solutions on the technology roadmap and help shape them for the mutual benefit of citizens, public services and suppliers,” he claimed.

Big Bonuses Would Drive Innovation

Meanwhile, Socitm has released a new report that claims that councils should reward staff that produce innovations with large bonuses.

“Why should local public services not reward individual teams, whose innovations may save millions of pounds for their organisation, with, say, 10% of the value from what they have created,” asked the organisation in the study.

The publication claims that much scope for innovation is promised in a digital technological revolution and by reward those who think outside the box, local authorities could see a faster pace in new developments.

Socitm presidencies are annual, with Steve Halliday, Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council CIO, holding the 2013-2014 position prior to Roberts.




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