Socitm Agrees Research Partnership With Boilerhouse

May 12, 2015

Socitm, the association for IT and digital professionals, has partnered up with consultancy Boilerhouse to further develop its promotion of its research surrounding digital local services.

The initial focus will be on the development of Socitm’s Better Connected, a research services that examines the customer experience of local public service websites and related digital activity.

In publication since 1999, Better Connected is based on an extensive annual review of all UK local authority websites, making it influential in designing best practice in the design, delivery and promotion of local authority web and digital activity.

Within the partnership, Boilerhouse will create a new digital platform before gathering, analysing, distributing and promoting the data and analysis content for the Better Connected programme.

This currently covers website design, function and content, digital transactions, digital engagement, social media and web management.

The new platform is set to enable promotion of Socitm’s research and content on related digital issues, such as its website performance service, channel shift and take-up.

It will then link this to Socitm’s research and services covering wider IT systems and infrastructure, covering public service networks, customer and line of business systems and issues such as identity management, data and information sharing.

Development With Trusted Partner

“We are delighted with the partnership we have struck with Boilerhouse, a long-standing collaborator in many of Socitm’s research and publishing projects in the digital area,” claimed Socitm managing director Adrian Hancock.

“Boilerhouse has an impressive track record as a practitioner in the development of web platform, digital publishing, data research and visualisation,” added editor of Better Connected Martin Greenwood.   

“This will enable development of Better Connected to a new level of sophistication and will bring it to a much wider range of audiences,” Greenwood claimed.


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