Singleton Apologises For CloudStore Launch Delay

May 29, 2014

G-Cloud 5 went live on Friday 23rd May - but programme director Tony Singleton has been forced to apologise for delays in getting the CloudStore online.

Shortly after the live announcement was made, public sector users discovered that they were unable to browse the updated list of 1132 suppliers.

The Cabinet Office initially claimed the issue had arisen because of the time it was taking to update the catalogue with the number of services now available – 17,000.

Singleton wrote a blog post that stated a team would be working over the weekend to fix the problem after final amendments to the site had caused a “search issue.”

He added an apology and said that the aim was to have CloudStore up and running by Tuesday morning, which was achieved.

CloudStore Now Back To Normal

In a blog post, the Government Digital Service (GDS) confirmed the service was up and running normally.

“G-Cloud 5 has now gone live in the CloudStore and again the number of suppliers and services has grown,” it said.

The post added that this iteration has seen growth of over 10% with its 1132 suppliers and the addition of 9236 new services.

Besides this, GDS made sure to note that there has been a rise in the number of SMEs on the framework, now at 87% in total.

There are 439 providers who are totally new to the framework and 92% of these are smaller firms.

The GDS blog post concluded with a reminder that by the time the G-Cloud 6 iteration is ready, it will be moving along with the Digital Services Framework to a new home under the Digital Marketplace.




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