Significant IT Problems Hit Brighton NHS

Oct 02, 2014

Last week, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust experienced major IT problems which hit the staff “info-net”, email and clinical systems and drives in use every day.

 The problems caused the Trust to call an internal major incident as they impacted on the ability to run the hospital in a normal way.

According to the organisation, doing this allowed it to proactively manage and work towards resolving the “extremely challenging situation.”

The Trust has since issued a response urging its staff to remain patient while “behind the scenes” work continues and thanking those who are involved in resolving the issues.

“Our IT infrastructure is massively complex and a huge amount of time, thought and expense goes into ensuring that one problem does not mean the system fails, it is too important for that,” claims Matthew Kershaw, Brighton CEO, in the statement.

“In this case the problem could not be predicted or prevent, it just happened, so we need to work out why to help ensure it doesn’t happen again,” he adds.

The statement claims that clinical systems were back up within five hours and close to normal service was resumed by 8pm on the day they went down.

“Without such a professional and skilful response this would undoubtedly have been a very different story,” claims Kershaw.

Work Continued After Systems Were Back Up

However, the statement notes that although things appear to be working normally on the surface, it is important for employees to note that work is on-going.

“The team were literally working 24/7 to get everything running as it should and to isolate the cause, which they think they now have,” it claims.

Kershaw also claims that everything is being done to ensure the outage has no impact on the wider Trust.


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