Second Round Of Nursing Technology Fund Opens

Nov 07, 2014

The second round of the Nursing Technology Fund has now been opened by NHS England, with entries closing on 2nd December 2014.

The Fund was originally announced by Prime Minister David Cameron in October 2012 with the intention of establishing financial support for nurses, midwives and health visitors wanting to make better use of digital technology in all care settings.

The first round of bids saw 226 applications from 139 organisations, with 74 Trusts winning funding of almost £30m for 85 projects over FY 2013/14.  

During the second round, £35m of capital funding is available for spending across FY 2014/15 and FY2015/16, with £20-25m and £10-15m for each year respectively.

NHS England requires applications for the Nursing Technology Fund to be aligned with one or more of the following criteria:

  • Mobile access to digital care records across the community
  • Digital capture of clinical data at point of care
  • Digitally-enabled observations management
  • Real-time digital nursing dashboards
  • Remote face-to-face interaction
  • Digital images for nursing care
  • Equipment tracking and monitoring
  • Safer clinical interventions
  • Smart workforce deployment
  • Digital transformation of pre-operative assessment.

Those able to apply for finances are NHS Trusts and Foundation Trusts, Local Authorities and Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprises (VCSEs).

“Technology Can Revolutionise Nurse Care”

“Mobile and digital equipment can really benefit busy nurses, midwives and care staff,” claimed chief nursing officer for England Jane Cummings.

“For example mobile technology can mean a community nurse doesn’t have to spend as much time travelling to and from the office, which means more time spent caring for patients and quick access to key information at the touch of a button means that staff can carry out their job more effectively.

“Ultimately it means better care and a better experience for patients. Health demands have changed dramatically over the years and it is important we have a modern NHS that is capable of meeting the challenges this bring. Effective using of technology is a major part of this,” she added.


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