Scottish Fire Set To Improve FOI Compliance

Sep 16, 2014

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) has implemented a CRM solution to aid its internal processes and ensure Freedom of Information (FOI) compliance.

CRM solutions provider Optevia will be deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM at SFRS to enable the organisation to track FOI requests from their point of enquiry through to completion.

The Service hopes that the implementation of this product will enable it to comply with the Scottish Data Protection Act 1998 because breaches of this legislation can carry fines up to £500,000.

 “The new SFRS CRM system has been developed to improve our internal processes and ensure compliance with legislation,” claimed Stuart Chalmers, business services manager at the organisation.

“In turn, this ensures that the customer experiences the new service they both deserve and expect. Working alongside technical partners from Optevia, the solution has successfully managed to introduce a uniform process for the new organisation, replacing eight previous processes and ensuring a consistency throughout the experience,” he added.

Prior to the installation of Dynamics CRM, FOI request s were manually logged on paper or an electronic spreadsheet, after which they would be put into the correct format before reached the appropriate member of staff for action.

As the number of requests was increased, SFRS made the decision to tackle the challenge of creating a Scotland-wide case management solution that would capture, track and manage FOI requests.

“Successfully implemented to budget, the primary goal of this project was to provide a single Scotland-wide solution that would allow requests for information to be tracked from their point of enquiry through to completion. The overall project has been a great success,” claimed Chalmers.

Other Requests Catered For By Solution

The new CRM solution also allows SFRS to track Data Protection requests which allow people to find out what personal information about them is held by the organisation.

Environmental Regulation requests can also be handed by Dynamics, these govern citizens’ rights to access environmental information held by the service.


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