Scotland Leader In Mobile Working In The Public Sector

Nov 14, 2014

Scotland highlighted how it is leading the way in delivering technology solutions for mobile working in the public sector with its Mobile Scotland 2014 event yesterday.

Hosted by mobile solutions provider TotalMobile, the event intended to enhance public sector service delivery throughout the country within local government, social care and healthcare.

Scotland claims to be rapidly adopting mobile working within public services as it works to enhance them, reduce administration and travel time and provide better communities towns, cities and the sparsely populated highlands.

Aberdeen City Council for example claims to have saved £1.5m annually by introducing mobile working in just one department, as well as increasing productivity, improved asset management, customer service and employer profile.

The local authority expects for 24% of its staff to work in a remote or flexible manner by 2016, according to Reducing the Demand for Travel: Mobile and Flexible Working Programmes report published by the Scottish government last year.

Fife Council, the third largest local authority in the country, is taking an enterprise-wide approach to mobile IT to realise the full benefits that such a scheme can bring.

It is now four years into a five year programme to increase efficiency and improve service delivery to its 366,000 citizens and wants to hit £20m in efficiencies within the timeframe.

Scotland Meeting Pressures To Deliver Flexible Working Solutions

“The public sector in Scotland has also been under huge financial pressure to deliver new ways of working to cut expenditure while delivering improved services to citizens,” claimed TotalMobile CEO Colin Reid.

“Scotland is increasingly at the forefront of deploying mobile technology to achieve these goals and Mobile Scotland is flying the flag showing the rest of the UK how it is being achieved.

“There is still progress to be achieved and benefits to be made, particularly within the health and social care spaces,” he added.

The Mobile Scotland Event 2014 took place on Dynamic Earth Edinburgh on Thursday November 13th.

Most of the country’s 29 mainland councils were represented at the event, along with a number of health boards.


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