Royal Free NHS Takes Action To Reduce Paper Use

Mar 20, 2015

The Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust has selected an information management solution to help it reduce the use of paper.

The Trust is working with enterprise information management (EIM) firm OpenText and its Content Suite to stare and manage digitised copies of patient medical care records.

The Royal Free hopes that this service will reduce storage and management costs by effectively managing information and driving value from over 900,000 unstructured clinical records.

Content Suite allows patient medical care records, clinic letters and investigation reports to be scanned on-demand or loaded to the system via key feeder systems.

“Medical records are key to supporting the delivery of patient care,” claimed the Trust’s director of IM&T (information management and technology) Will Smart.

“However, paper is very difficult and resource intensive to manage and can only be available in one place at a time.

“OpenText’s Content Suite helps us to reduce administrative costs whilst ensuring records are accessible when and where they are required,” Smart added.

The product is able to capture, process, distribute, secure, manage and archive clinical and non-clinical content.

It also integrates with the Trust’s CERNER Millennium Electronic Patient Records (EPR) system.  

According to OpenText, it reduces processing errors, streamlines patient record access and enables compliance.

Building digital records allows clinical and medical staff to access them whenever required and well as adhering to Royal Free’s paper-light by 2018 ambitions.

“Our partnership with OpenText means that we have been able to draw on its extensive experience of similar deployments globally, including some of the world’s largest health systems and access resources to ensure we maximise the value from OpenText’s solutions,” Smart added.


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