Royal British Legion To Streamline Transaction Processing

Aug 06, 2015

The Royal British Legion has selected a suite of hosted finance, e-procurement and document management software in a bid to streamline the processing of over 600,000 transactions each year.

Integrated business applications provider Advanced Business Solutions will be delivering its systems to the organisation with a planned go live date of April 2016.

The Legion is Britain’s biggest armed forces charity and the new systems are set to deliver efficiencies for 7000 staff at 16 regional offices to support its organisational programme – a major corporate restructure that aims to introduce joined-up service delivery for members and beneficiaries.

The charity has selected Advanced OpenAccounts finance solution to improve financial transparency and compliance relating to its 500 investment properties.

It will use the solution to accurately account for around 1000 individual restricted funds and easily report on how the income generated from them is being spent.

It also has the ability to automate manually intensive processes to streamline he payments of grants to individuals, other charitable organisations and third parties such as landlords.

“We are seeing strong growth in expenditure and transactions volumes. We therefore needed an integrated and flexible solution to replace inefficient financial processes and outdated system which would soon become unsupported,” said John Graham, the Legion’s deputy director general and director of finance.

Automation For Efficiency

The OpenAccounts eBIS workflow solution is set to allow the charity’s 700 staff to electronically raise purchase orders, create new suppliers and submit expense claims remotely.

It also has powerful workflows to make real-time financial data available to budget holders and track expenditure against budget throughout the year with built-in scenario planning to improve financial control.

eBIS used in conjunction with the document management technology powered by V1 will help the Legion to eliminate time-consuming administrative processes by electronically storing and approving 50,000 invoices each year and non-finance documents such as rental agreements will also be securely archived, further eliminating paper.  

“Introducing automated processes will lead to substantial reduction in manual effort and reduce the likelihood of errors,” claimed Graham.

“This will assist us to accurately make payments for over 600,000 financial transactions each year in a timelier manner.

“The solutions will also improve the accessibility and quality of financial information to enable budget holders to better monitor their commitments and the success of fundraising campaigns,” he added.


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