Research Claims Cloud Offers Significant Savings

Feb 03, 2014

Research by UK cloud services company Skyscape claims to have found that the cost of running cloud is significantly less than traditional on-premise solutions.

Skyscape’s report ‘Cloud: The Total Cost of Operation’ compared the costs of traditional solutions and the cloud using three real-world computing scenarios. It aims for its research to help public sector organisations who haven’t yet realised the benefits of cloud make the move away from traditional solutions.

The first scenario was a computer platform for testing and development, the second was a platform used to a host high-traffic web application used by citizens and the final was a platform used to host a complex enterprise application.

By assessing these over a three year period, the report claims that the cloud can deliver significant cost savings, as much as 61% in scenario one.

However, the savings do not take into account additional staff and accreditation costs, meaning the 61% is allegedly an understatement.

Commenting on the results, Skyscape said: “In addition to the cost benefits and the increase in agility and availability, other significant business benefits can also be realised by adopting the cloud.

“But we did not attempt to quantify these in our figures as we recognise different organisations will account and value them in different ways.”

The firm claims that these include quicker and easier procurement, an improved quality of service, increased staff productivity, reduced energy consumption and greater security.

The company also notes how cloud computing is now an integral part of the UK government’s ICT strategy.

Skyscape’s announcement of the results follows on from its suggestions for changes to G-Cloud.




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