Public Service Delivery To Be Improved By New Encryption Service

Feb 28, 2014

The Cabinet Office has revealed that it has developed a new encryption service called Inter Provider Encryption Domain (IPED) that will ensure the safety of information shared over the Public Services Network (PSN).

Created in partnership with what the government claims to be leading industry specialists, the new level of security will allow restricted information at Impact Level Three (IL3) to be delivered securely.

According to the Cabinet Office, this is an improvement on the current encryption of PSN, which only allows information classified as protect – IL2 – to be shared.

PSN is single network that enables Whitehall and other public sector bodies to share services safely and work together more efficiently.

Currently, the entire public sector is transferring from the old GSi/GCSX Government Secure Network infrastructure onto the newer PSN network.

IPED will extend the network’s reach to organisations providing citizen-focused services needing access to particularly sensitive information such as criminal justice and social services, said the government.

BT and Vodafone are the first suppliers of IPED-enabled IL3 PSN services, with Whitehall saying the companies have both achieved PSN certification and successful testing and delivery of their IPED services.

The new encryption service will consist of services from at 6 PSN-compliant providers.




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