Public Sector Still Not Quite “Digital By Default”

Mar 07, 2014

Public sector research company iGov Survey has found that some UK government organisations are not yet ready to meet the “Digital By Default” requirements.

The Digital By Default Services Survey 2014 questioned 272 individuals across 163 organisations representing central government. Those surveyed had roles including director, head and manager.

Despite Whitehall’s commitment to its online policies, 35% of respondents claimed they were either unsure of the existence of a digital strategy or did not have one in place at all.

Furthermore, 32% said they were not even aware of the Digital By Default standards and 96% of those denying any knowledge said they did not realise they had an obligation to meet certain requirements.

 Nearly half (47%) of organisations included in the report did not have a multidisciplinary team able to design, build and operate services and the majority (65%) had no tools to measure the success of any system implemented.

However, the research did reveal some positive results, 64% of respondents did have a digital strategy and 32% said this would be reviewed within the next six months, while 24% had plans to do so in the next 6-12 months.

These organisations also claimed to be making good progress, only 10% said they were behind schedule, but 41% were on track and 3% actually reported being ahead of their timetable.

Besides this, 57% said they were embracing the government’s move towards Agile and 38% said “not yet,” with the implication they intended to.

Finally, of those who said they were aware of the Digital By Default requirements, 75% said they planned to ensure all their digital services met this standard going forward.




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