Public Health England To Develop Digital Strategy

Apr 22, 2014

Public Health England (PHE), a Department of Health body that protects the nation’s wellbeing, has issued a tender that reveals it is seeking help with its digital strategy.

Under the Digital Services Framework, PHE is searching for a partner to ensure its digital policy is written by July this year as it is now committed to going “digital first.”

According to the contract notice, the organisation is in the discovery phase of its digital programme and is looking to source a co-located plan.

Strategy Requirements

The body says that for a bid to be successful it must include:

  • an “agile” method of project delivery
  • a proposal on how digital can help PHE achieve its objectives
  • a report by the bidder on the current state of PHE’s digital assets and identification of any possible “gaps”

The tender notes that a potential provider must ensure a balance between departmental needs and a functional solution.

User-needs that are currently being developed as part of the PHE content strategy may be re-used in the new digital strategy, but new products will also be created.

The public body has 150 websites, the two largest being PHE and the Health Protection Agency, receiving over 500,000 monthly visits between them.




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