PSN Mobile And Data Services Deal “Saves £2m”

Jun 06, 2014

The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) has claimed that it has saved 14 public sector organisations £2m over three years.

These organisations participated in a CCS competition, winning a deal with suppliers that will provide the public bodies with mobile voice and data services for the Public Services Network (PSN).

The contracts, which were signed last month, were tendered under lot six of the PSN Services framework and CCS estimates the organisations taking part will save 77% over existing spending.

“The CCS strengthens the government’s business-like approach to how it buys good and services,” claimed CCS technology commercial director Sarah Hurrell.

“The innovative nature of this particular deal will see customers saving more than £2m over three years in a great example of how central buying helps to deliver excellent results to taxpayers and suppliers,” she added.

According to CCS, the new contracts are flexible, allowing customers to move their current mobile estate gradually during the first two years, avoiding costly early termination charges.

All migrated connections will also have the same end date under a co-termination policy, intending to ensure any future re-procurement is easier.

“This procurement is a great example of how aggregation is helping achieve best value for both the public sector and the buyer,” said CCS.

Services Framework Aims To Make PSN Procurement Easier

The PSN Services framework provides public sector bodies with a centralised location to procure PSN standards-compliant services from.

The 10 lots cover a wide range of services, including telephony systems, CCTV, videoconferencing, equipment room management, call centres, mobile voice and data, paging services, LAN (local area network), gateways and combinations of the above.

The PSN is at the heart of the government ICT strategy, aiming to provide a secure, safe network where public bodies can safely share services.

Last month, London became the first region to successfully connect all local authorities to the Network.




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