PSN Frameworks Extended As Network Services Is Delayed Again

Jan 15, 2015

The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) has been forced to extend the lifespan of the current PSN Connectivity and PSN Services frameworks after the Network Services framework was delayed again.

This is now the third time that the Network Services submission to tender date has been changed after CCS received an unprecedented amount of clarification questions.

Today, CCS has revealed it is trying to respond to over 850 clarification questions regarding the new Network Service framework, which is intended to replace the now extend PSN frameworks.

The two PSN frameworks had a two-year lifespan which could then be extended for two further periods of one year each – CCS has now chosen to extend for second one year period.

April 2015 Live Date Remains Unchanged

Despite the delays, CCS still claims that the new replacement framework will go live in April 2015 as originally intended.

PSNGB, the organisation that represents PSN suppliers, agrees with CCS, claiming the government organisation is doing everything it can to create the optimum solution for suppliers and end users.

“By extending PSN C and PSN S, CCS has provided a degree of continuity and certainty to the market place by ensuring there is no possibility that customers would not be able to procure under a valid framework – and this is a good thing,” claimed PSNGB chairman Phil Gibson.

“However, what both suppliers and users really want is for the replacement Network Services Framework to be successfully completed on schedule,” he added.

Improvements Created Unforeseen Demand

Gibson claims he acknowledges that the delays are frustrating for those involved, but because the potential improvements of the new framework have attracted a large amount of potential suppliers, it has generated an unexpected amount of clarification questions.

“In retrospect, good intentions have lead to unforeseen consequences, but this is no reason to criticise,” claimed the chairman.

“CCS has tried to introduce a more flexible and innovative approach to procurement and it should be commended for this.

“The path of change and progress is often a rocky one; the extension of the PSN frameworks provides some insurance during this change period, but this should not be a reason to stall.

PSNGB is very supportive of the Network Services Framework and we believe that it will benefit both customers and suppliers.

“The move to extend, subject to certain conditions, the PSN frameworks is a sensible, pragmatic one that brings an assurance of continuity to the marketplace, but the first priority must remain the successful and timely completion of Network services,” Gibson added.


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