Prime Minister Announces £45m To Fund Internet Of Things

Mar 12, 2014

David Cameron, in his opening speech the CeBIT technology trade show this week, has announced an extra £45m of funding towards research that will support an “Internet of Things.”

This new funding takes the total amount of money in the pot for this type of research to £73m, according to an official government announcement.

“These are developments that could allow literally billions of everyday objects to talk to each other over the Internet – using low-cost, low-power chips and this has enormous potential to change our lives,” said Cameron on the subject.

“I see the Internet of Things as a huge transformative development – a way of boosting productivity, of keeping us healthier, making transport more efficient, reducing energy needs and tackling climate change,” he claimed.

The Prime Minister said the UK will work together with Germany to develop 5G Internet quick enough to download a full length feature film in less than a second, the Internet of Things and to strengthen the digital market in the EU.

At the event, he also unveiled further new measures, including a £1m “European Internet of Things” grant fund to support companies who want to exploit the new opportunities and a new collaboration to develop 5G between the University of Dresden, King’s College University in London and the University of Surrey.

“This is a world on fast forward, a world of permanent technological revolution. And in this world, countries like the UK and Germany will only succeed if we have a relentless drive for new ideas and innovation,” said Cameron.

“The UK tech scene today is dynamic, relentlessly ambitious and leading the way. It is our ambition to make the UK the most digital nation in the G8,” he claimed.




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