Police Struggle To Attract Top Talent In Cyber Security

Mar 12, 2014

A leader of the National Crime Agency’s (NCA) National Cyber Crime Unit, has said the public sector – police in particular – is struggling to attract those with the most talent in the area of cyber protection.

Speaking at the e-Crime Congress 2014, deputy direct of the unit, Andy Archibald, said that because security professionals can receive a much higher salary in the private sector, government agencies and civil services miss out on the best knowledge.

“The skills required to investigate crime when I joined the constabulary are not the same skills we need now,” said Archibald.

“We still need to maintain the ability, experience and knowledge on how to investigate the criminal justice system, but actually the skills we need to recover evidence and intelligence from the Internet are highly technical,” he added.

During his speech, Archibald argued that the technological developments of today make it absolutely necessary that law enforcement agencies now employ people with expertise in areas that will allow them to decipher evidence related to cyber crime.

However, he said this is not an easy task when the public sector is not able to offer the same pay rates and benefits as private companies.

The deputy director referred to it as a “challenge” to draw the desirable people in, then retain and reward them appropriately. He stressed that it isn’t just the private sector that requires this type of skill set, but nonetheless, it is now very important for the modern business.

“I think that’s a challenge for law enforcement because how do we begin to address that particular issue as we move forward so we can attract the best, retain the best and ensure we continue to develop within our environment,” Archibald claimed.

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