Philips And Salesforce To Deliver Cloud Healthcare IT

Jun 26, 2014

Cloud CRM company Salesforce and tech firm Philips have partnered up to deliver a cloud-based healthcare IT solution.

The two companies claim their open platform will help accelerate the transformation of the healthcare industry.

Philips claims to already have a foothold in the areas of medical technology, clinical applications and clinical informatics, while Salesforce presents itself as a leader in cloud computing.

Patient relationship management will be the key component of the new system, say both companies, allowing caregivers more opportunity to collaborate and support their patients.

According to the organisations, the platform will create medical device and data interoperability, allowing the collection of data to be analysed and enhance clinical decision making by professional and giving patients a more active role in managing their health.

“With this strategic alliance, Philips is making great strides to deliver real-time, digital healthcare solutions,” claimed Frans van Houten, the company’s CEO.

“Healthcare data exists in many different forms and in many different systems today. Together with, we have a tremendous opportunity to reshape and optimise the way healthcare is delivered and provide better access to data across the continuum of care,” he added.

Apps To Be Launched Over Summer

Two clinical applications are to be launched over the summer: the Philips eCareCoordinator and the Philips eCareCompanion.

These are intended to allow care teams to monitor patients with chronic conditions from their own home.

“We have entered a new transformative era for healthcare and technology is enabling the industry to connect to, care for and engage with patients and each other in a profound new way,” claimed Marc Benioff, Salesforce CEO and chairman.

“Together with Philips, we are creating an open health platform and ecosystem to benefit everyone that cares about one of the most important issues of our time,” he added.




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