Peterborough Moves Into 21st Century With IT Strategy

Sep 22, 2014

Peterborough City Council (PCC) has turned to the cloud and other digital technologies with the launch of its PCC Technology Strategy 2014-2019.

The local authority intends to cut costs by improving its cloud delivery, alongside a review of ICT technology and transactional council websites.

It also intends to embrace mobile, data and open-source technology and cloud platforms to increase engagement with the public, as well as using open data more successfully to benefit both the council and its citizens.

As part of the strategy, Peterborough will also be simplifying its website and upping use of social media websites.

Staff at the council will be upskilled in digital technologies to meet the demands of the new approach to ICT.

“For a local authority, with its wide array of services, keeping pace with the advancement of technology and communication methods is challenging,” claims the strategy document.

According to Peterborough’s ICT strategy, infrastructure and programme manager Richard Godfrey, PCC, like many other authorities, is facing the challenge of meeting changing user needs while adhering to budget constraints.

Godfrey claims savings will not be achieved directly via IT itself, but from improving the way employees can work with a “toolbox of applications and systems” that make working more efficient and “smarter.”

Concerns About Digital Exclusion

The ICT director has also addressed his feelings towards digital by default – although Peterborough’s ICT strategy is designed in line with the government policy of using technology to save money, Godfrey does not want the council to be digital only.

“We don’t want to do digital by default, because for elderly people that’s not the right approach,” Godfrey claimed.

“We want to make the digital channels easier and simpler so people choose to use it,” he added.


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