Online Marketplace Set To Transform Social Care

Oct 13, 2015

cloudBuy, the global provider of cloud-based e-commerce solutions, has teamed up with social enterprise community interest company (CIC) Salvere to deliver a new national online marketplace. aims to better connect citizens with suppliers of social care and significantly streamline the costs of administering and commissioning social care.

The marketplace, which is being launched at the National Children and Adult Services Conference this week in Bournemouth, will also provide an enhanced service to citizens who take a direct payment or fund their care needs privately.

A fifth of the adult population will require social care support in the future, which costs local authorities billions each year.

“UK adult social care is under increasing pressure and the current model is no longer sustainable. The intelligent use of technology to allow people to manage their own care, or that of their dependents, is critical to government plans for a modern care system that will meet the needs of an ageing population,” said cloudBuy CEO Lyn Duncan.

mycaresupermarket will bring citizens and suppliers together online. It will provide a similar user-friendly experience to the online consumer shopping sites with which everyone is familiar, but enable access to local and national approved suppliers to help build a personal care solution.

“It has the potential to provide better care at a significantly lower cost than existing options, for both citizens and local authorities,” she added.

Local Government Seeking Ways To Meet New Care Act Responsibilities

Earlier this year, the introduction of the Care Act saw local authorities take on the responsibility of ensuring they can signpost those who buy their own care towards a choice of high quality, appropriate services from a range of providers. is designed to help councils meet the requirements of the new legislation whilst cutting back office costs and enabling self-funders to more effectively access and manage their own care.

The marketplace is powered by cloudBuy and managed by Salvere. It is the only fully managed e-marketplace listed on the government’s Digital Marketplace.

“The Care Act means new market management responsibilities. Local authorities are looking for solutions which will help them get ahead of the changes that the Care Act will introduce, which can also help them understand and analyse demand and supplier,” said Salvere Chief Executive Stephen Sloss.

mycaresupermarket online care marketplace will meet local authority needs, reduce administration costs and ensure the widest choice of quality care products and services for citizens, at competitive rates from approved local and national providers,” he added. 


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