On-Premise Solutions Still Favoured Over Cloud In Enterprises

Mar 24, 2014

Despite the growing popularity of the cloud, on-premise systems still dominate the market and remain the preferred choice for most applications, according to a recent survey.

Hosting and Cloud Study 2014: Hosting and Cloud Go Mainstream, was conducted by 451 Research and released by Microsoft. It polled 2041 executives across the globe and examined various forms of enterprise computing.

The research found that 45% of organisations quizzed considered themselves to be beyond the pilot phase, while 32% claimed to have a formal cloud computing plan within their overall IT and business strategy.

Besides this, 24% said their companies were “heavy” cloud users at the time.

However, only 6% of participants said they viewed cloud as the default platform for new applications and only 17% said they “heavily” relied on cloud for new projects.

While these figures suggest enterprises are implementing cloud based solutions, it shows the majority still favour on-premise systems.

Responses to the subject seem to be mixed, as 39% believe their application portfolio will be touching the cloud within the next two years.

According to Microsoft, the report highlights that companies are moving forward with cloud deployments at a rapid rate.

“Hosted private cloud is a gateway to hybrid cloud environments for many customers. We’ve seen significant traction for these environments as our hosting business continues growing at a high rate year-over-year,” claimed Marco Limena, hosting service providers vice president at the IT giant.

“With this momentum continuing to build, it’s clear that we’ve reached a tipping point where most companies have moved beyond the discovery phase and are now moving forward with cloud deployments to deliver improved business results and capabilities,” he added.

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