More Secure File Management Expected With Novel Software Upgrades

Oct 02, 2014

Software and service company Novell has announced several solution upgrades focused on file management and collaboration.

The firm is launching updated versions of Novell Filr 1.1, Novell File Reporter 2.5 and Novell Storage Manager 4.0 that should allow businesses to store, share and manage files more securely.

Novell confirmed that the upgrades were designed to provide increased security at a time where business deals are increasingly taking place via digital contracts. The company cited a recent Forrester report that stated that employees are dealing with external clients or vendors on an almost daily basis.

"The security stakes increase as teams, customers, and business partners are more dispersed and more is done online and in digital formats such as signing contracts and submitting/transmitting sensitive information," the report claimed.

Some of the new features introduced for the Filr 1.1 software include performance improvements related to indexing, synchronisation and load management, alongside mobile app developments such as support for Windows Phone.

Novell File Reporter has also gained additional features such as increased customisation across query report data, while users now have the option of downloading stored reports for offline viewing. Users of Novell Storage Manager 4.0 will experience greater flexibility with the introduction of ad hoc data copying.

Eric Varness, Novell's vice president of marketing and content management said that the updates were necessary for his firm to deliver a flexible software platform that doesn't compromise on security.

"We provide technology that works with existing infrastructure to turn the challenges of data and file management into the opportunity to enable a truly mobile and secure workplace."


Author: Barclay Ballard
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