Nottinghamshire Council Email Service Successful

Sep 10, 2014

Nottinghamshire County Council’s recently implemented email marketing system is going well and providing benefits for the local authority.

The council teamed up with public sector business services provider GovDelivery in October 2013 to overhaul its inconsistent and unsustainable marketing efforts.

Nottinghamshire needed to improve its residents’ satisfactions and did so by rebranding its communication efforts under “emailme.”

This allowed the council to consolidate its marketing efforts under one logo and system, allowing it to adopt a more targeted approach.

After the new system went live, Nottinghamshire set itself challenging targets and measured its success on the GovDelivery Network.

“The Network was a real bonus point for us in terms of going with GovDelivery,” claimed Sarah Lay, the local authority’s senior digital officer.

“The Network allows us to cross-promote our topics other public sector organisations that are using GovDelivery and vice versa so we can all gain more subscribers.

“As you complete the subscription n process it asks whether you’re interested in signing up for topics from any of the other clients. This method worked in our favour,” she added.

Increasing Subscribers, Decreasing Costs

According to the company, the council’s use of the Network has allowed it to gain an extra 1000 subscribers to local newsletters and updates, help it to meet its challenging targets.

Nottinghamshire also reports that it has been able to reduce its marketing spend by £900,000 since the centralisation of the communications function.

“We’ve  started to see how emailme GovDelivery is helping us to achieve some of those channel shift targets within the council, particularly in relation to print reduction,” claimed Lay.


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