NI Award Sole Bidder Fujitsu IT Contract After Seven Months

Feb 25, 2014

The Northern Irish government has given IT systems provider Fujitsu the £6m plus task of managing its technology and services, five months after the work was estimated to start.

The company has struck a three-year deal with the Department for Employment and Learning NI  and has the option to extend the contract for two years, according to the award notice.

It also reveals that the firm was the sole bidder for the agreement and despite the tender being issued in June 2013, with work expected to start in September of the same year, it is only now that a decision has been made.

In light of only having one contender, the lone award criterion of lowest price seems irrelevant - leaving some to wonder why it took so long for the choice to be announced.

Fujitsu will now provide the department with a range of IT services, including development, maintenance and support services for its line-of-business applications. 




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