NHS Trust Employs Nexthink to Provide IT Infrastructure

Feb 03, 2014

The University College London Hospitals NHS Trust has chosen Swiss-based End-user Analytics provider Nexthink to help improve its IT infrastructure.

The Trust consists of six central London hospitals and is one of the largest in the UK, while Nexthink has a number of international public sector customers such as Dubai Police and United Arab Emirates Ministry of Finance.

Speaking about why the partnership is seen as necessary, James Thomas, director of ICT at the Trust said: “Information technology is essential in enabling top-quality levels of patient care and the delivery of world class research and education.

“Nexthink’s End-user IT Analytics will deliver increased levels of intelligence on IT asset performance and utilisation,” added Thomas, who believes the deployment will result in immediate tactical improvements as efficiencies are improved, while informing long term strategic investments by increasing value and reducing costs.

The supplier will deliver technology that will allow the Trust to monitor bandwidth, error messages and crashes - as well as enabling the Trust’s IT team to identify unused hardware and applications and arrange for computers left on overnight to shut down automatically.

The platform, Nexthink V5, can also identify potentials security risks - an essential feature in the healthcare industry, where there is a large amount of private and sensitive information.

The Trust said that Nexthink was chosen after a successful 30-day pilot that reportedly saw a good user experience on the front end without compromising on powerful, real-time analytics on the back end.

Nexthink said: “The intelligence and network visibility provided by IT operations analytics and deliver tangible benefits to healthcare providers by maximising operational efficiencies, reducing IT costs, and improving compliance and quality of IT services.” 

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