NHS Mobile Projects “Booming” Despite Third That Fail

Apr 04, 2014

In the past 12 months, the number of NHS organisations deploying live working mobile strategies has more than doubled, despite reports that nearly one in three projects fails.

Software provider NDL has released a report entitled Mobile Working in the NHS that explored how mobile is working, or not working, for healthcare services.

According to the research, there is a gap between anticipated challenges a mobile working strategy within the NHS poses and rolling the project out.

NDL claims the fact that the 29% of participants that had experienced an unsuccessful mobile working project demonstrates this gap.

When asked why projects failed, 51% cited choosing the wrong device, while 29% choosing the right device from the outset was crucial.

Data limitation was another popular reason for projects not working, with 60% saying not enough data contributed to their project failing.

Resistance to change can also affect whether a project is successful or not, the research indicates.

Mobile Working Has Positive Future

However, Declan Grogan, NDL managing director, claimed that in spite of the failures, mobile working definitely has a future within the NHS.

“With the business case for mobile working showing such huge return on investment, the growth of mobile working and efficiency of implementation will increasingly be determined by accurately identifying and then mitigating the challenges mobile working projects face,” he said.

“Taking a realistic view of the data network and recognising the importance of the application and device selection will ease the rollout of mobile working,” he added.

The report is based on interviews with IT professionals across 160 NHS Trusts with 161 active projects between them.

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