NHS Director Threatens “Non-Digital” Trusts With Funding Cuts

Nov 13, 2014

NHS England Director for patients and information Tim Kelsey has claimed NHS Trusts not reaching “digital maturity” by 2018-20 are at risk of having their funding cut.

“We have to draw a line in the sand and say you have to go digital by 2018-20 or you won’t get paid,” he told IT news outlet The Register.

“This plan is a hard stop for NHS organisations to achieve full digital maturity,” Kelsey added.

The Director told the publication that despite the number of Health Service PCs running outdated operating system (OS) Windows XP, the deadline is “realistic.”

Kelsey also explained that financial resources will be available, along with short-term investment to help Trusts adopt digital standards.

The Director made his comments ahead of today’s launch of the NHS England Personalised Health and Care Strategy 2020.

The organisation describes the document as a bold vision of how technology should work harder and better for patients and citizens within the next six years.

“I want the NHS to be a world class showcase of what innovation can achieve. Today’s plan sets out how we can give patients 21st century, personalised healthcare,” claimed Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

“Improving Online Care Records”

Under the Strategy is a commitment to give everyone online access to their medical records through approved apps and platforms by the end of next year.

The plan also intends to take this one step further, by offering patients access to all their records relating to their health across hospitals, community, mental health and social care services by 2018.

In four years time, NHS England is aiming to make it possible for everyone to access their records including every GP visit, every hospital visit, every prescription, test results, adverse reactions and allergies to drugs at the click of a button.

“Digital Red Books”

“New mothers will now be able to carry their red book around with them and on their smartphone and tablet as the NHS moves towards offering Digital Personal Child Health Records,” claimed Kelsey.

“This will put an end to worrying about leaving your child’s information at home when going for a review, vaccination or treatment.

“We must embrace modern technology to help us lead healthier lives and if we want to take more control when we are ill.

“Our aim is to make the NHS a digital pioneer for our patients and citizens,” he added.

The plans under the Personalised Health and Care Strategy also include:

  • NHS “Kitemarks” for trusted smartphone apps
  • Patients able to access own GP records from 2015
  • With patient permission, care records will be available across the system for urgent care services by 2018 and all care services by 2020
  • A digital “red book” allowing parents to manage their child’s early healthcare records
  • Ensuring the NHS remains a leader in the global fight against disease and as a hub for genomics research.

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