NHS Digital Personalised Care Plans In Pipeline

May 15, 2014

South Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (SEPT) has a five-year plan to synchronise and combine information across the organisation.

The Trust’s plan includes multiple systems and users where the main focus is on patient safety, quality of care, security, efficiency, carbon footprint and cost savings.  

The end goal is the provision of a single, unified patient record built using multiple systems, including the digitised paper patient record.

Because SEPT is a large Trust, with client information being updated live on a regular basis, a solution that is up and running at all times in essential.

The organisation implemented a pilot programme in 2009, which was later expanded into non-clinical areas like human resources, finance and vehicle service management.

NHS England’s requirement that everyone in the country with a long-term condition or disability should have access to a personalised care plan online or via a mobile device by 2015 was also a key driver behind the plan.

SEPT partnered with IT services provider Fortrus to deliver their digital healthcare schemes, using the firm’s Unity Solution.

The Benefits Of A Digitised Health Service

Dr Llewellyn Lewis, deputy medical director for Essex, claimed that using this system has enabled the Trust to bring together all records from every service involved in the journey of a patient.

This, the doctor claims, means no one has to re-tell their story over and over again each time they make contact with a new team or service.

Besides benefitting the patient, Lewis added that it also helps staff as it makes it easier to find information about care that has been received in the past at the touch of a button.

According to SEPT, it has already experienced a number of achievements by implementing the Fortrus system, including:

  • care plans that are available to carers and relatives when needed
  • the digitisation of millions of patient records
  • the delivery of a patient demographic staging database
  • the integration of Luton and Bedfordshire into the solution
  • the solution has been rolled out across all SEPT Secure Services, covering eight wards
  • the building and deployment of over 70 electronic forms.

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