Newcastle-Under-Lyme College To Improve Ofsted Reporting

Aug 27, 2014

Newcastle-Under-Lyme College has implemented a new self-assessment solution that aims to improve the organisation’s Ofsted reporting.

The College worked with Compass Computer Consultants, an Advanced Computer Software Group company, to create the ProSAR system.

The programme is a web-based application that uses the institution’s intranet to enable staff to evaluate the effectiveness of the courses they teach and build action plans for improve.

This self-assessment process is an essential part of Ofsted inspections and Compass claims ProSAR   makes this procedure easier, quicker and more effective.

“With [the system] in place, we will have access to a centralised online system which is fully compliant with Ofsted criteria,” claimed Martin Lawrie, head of learning and quality systems at the college.

“This ensures there is only ever one ‘version of the truth.’ Those completing self-assessments are also reassured that they are using centrally validated data to make better informed decisions based on the College Inspection Framework,” Lawrie added.

ProSAR Builds On College’s Own Systems

Prior to partnering with Compass, Newcastle-Under-Lyme College used its own in-house system to streamline the self-assessment process and tackle obstacles such as staff using varying sets of data.

The decision was made in 2012 to collaborate with an outside party to make further improvements and tailor it for use by the wider education sector, which is how ProSAR came into being.

Compass claims it enhanced the system so that colleges are able to configure the system to their specific needs while refining questions for different members of staff.

ProSAR also features a customisable dashboard to provide an instant graphical view of key performance indicators.

“ProSAR will undoubtedly save us time by creating an easy and effective online process which eliminates unnecessary paperwork,” claimed Lawrie.

“Implementing the ProSAR system will help us to maintain and improve our success rates and will also be a vital contribution in preparing for Ofsted inspections,” he added.


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